This page has general information that applies to many of the lots in Maine.  As we find additional information that is not unique to a particular lot (anything specific to a lot is posted on that lot's page), but applies to many of the lots in the portfolio, we will post it here.  When possible we've located on the plot plans for specific lots a 28' X 40' modular cape with an unfinished upstairs, within the "buildable area" that we calculate based on presumed setbacks from a municipalities zoning regulations (a few towns have no zoning so only State laws need to be met).  Usually you can shift the home around within the buildable area if you want to, change the size, shape, and style of the home and eliminate extra features such as the deck - the Plot Plans are simply to give you a starting point to think about the possibilities of the lot.  Of course the cost of building a home, or any improvements to the site are NOT included in the prices listed.


Some lots require a variance, and for some of the lots we'll be getting the variances as we get to that section of the state.  If we do not have a variance in hand you can make the contract contingent upon getting a variance, and we can often help you with the variance process.

RV Lots:

A few of the lots did not have suitable soils for a septic system, so we refer to these as RV lots (as in Recreational "camper" Vehicles) and these are obviously very inexpensive.  In addition to parking an RV on the lot, you may be able to build a cabin with an outhouse - but we did not explore those possibilities.  Of course you can use ANY of the lots for an RV as long as it is not prohibited by zoning.


We've had all the lots soil tested, and if there were suitable soils for a septic we've posted a PDF of the Application for the lot, and noted the total number of bedrooms that the system will support.  You can always have the system re-designed for fewer bedrooms (although 2 bedrooms is the minimum), or often designed with concrete chambers or HD-40 infiltrators so that you can put the driveway over the top of the disposal area if you need your driveway to be located in the same location.  Of course you do not even need to build the septic if you're only going to use the lot for a self contained RV, or you can have a much less expensive "primitive system" designed which handles only grey water from your cabin, or even get an Application for an outhouse.  For most of the lots the systems are basic, and can be built by a local contractor for between $6,000 to $8,000 - if a pump is needed that tends to add a couple thousand dollars to the price. 

General Info on all Maine Lots:

Related to Maine Laws, Rules and Regulations

Pre-1970 lots - less than 20K sf are gra[...]
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Well allowed 60'+ from Septic Disposal A[...]
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2009 Maine subsurface wastewater rules -[...]
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Ideas for Houses we Envision on the Lots

RENDERING DRAWINGS for a 28' X 40' tradi[...]
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FLOORPLANS for a 28' X 40' traditional $[...]
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General Info on all New Hampshire Lots:

General Info on all Lots:

Survivalist / Preppers Information

Our company has deep roots in Maine, going back generations.  We believe many of these lots are perfectly located for anyone who wants a place to bug-out to.  So if you want to build a pre-prepared refuge in the countryside (a few of the remote lots have ideally built solid concrete block buildings on them that just need to be modified for your needs), this is an opportunity to own forever a lot of land that meets current laws allowing you to build on them (unlike most sellers we have done all the leg work and expense to get the documentation needed to develop your lot AND posted it all online for you to review) - you can buy the land for less than the cost of a fully stocked bug-out truck!  This makes a lot of sense, not only do you get an emergency refuge, you have a piece of land you can visit any moment you want to, simply to escape the chaos of the cities, or to enjoy during your vacations, and in general do whatever YOU want with it.  One last note, these lots are also perfect for our Canadian neighbors, and people from other foreign countries who want to own a piece of the United States where they can build on.

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